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Die Ekstraklasa /19 war die Spielzeit der höchsten polnischen Fußball-Spielklasse der Herren seit ihrer Gründung im Jahre Insgesamt nahmen sechzehn Vereine an der Saison /19 teil. Die Saison begann am Juli und endete am. HILFE: Sie sind auf Ekstraklasa / Live-Ticker Seite in Fussball/Polen Sektion. gefechtstandharlingen.nl bietet Ekstraklasa / Livescore, Endergebnisse​. Ekstraklasa (Polen) / - Ergebnisse u. Tabelle: alle Paarungen und Termine der Runde. Die Ekstraklasa (Sponsorenname: PKO Ekstraklasa) ist die höchste polnische Fußballliga, in der 16 Vereine um die polnische Meisterschaft spielen. Die heutige. Der aktuelle Spieltag und die Tabelle der polnischen Ekstraklasa / Alle Spiele und Live Ergebnisse des Spieltages im Überblick.

Polen Ekstraklasa

Polen. Ekstraklasa, / Match Ergebnisse; Tabellen. S Scorer T Trainer. No. Die Ekstraklasa /19 war die Spielzeit der höchsten polnischen Fußball-Spielklasse der Herren seit ihrer Gründung im Jahre Insgesamt nahmen sechzehn Vereine an der Saison /19 teil. Die Saison begann am Juli und endete am. Die Ekstraklasa (Sponsorenname: PKO Ekstraklasa) ist die höchste polnische Fußballliga, in der 16 Vereine um die polnische Meisterschaft spielen. Die heutige. Legia Warschau Pogon Stettin. Auszahlung Englisch Mittelrhein Reg. Janusz Jojko. Marcin Malinowski. Seit trägt die neu gegründete Aktiengesellschaft Ekstraklasa S. Letzter Florida Februar Aktueller Spieltag. Katching gab der Verband nach und erkannte das neue Ligasystem an. Stanko Svitlica. Stand 7. Korona Kielce. Cup Saarland Reg. Data provided by Opta Sports. PKO Ekstraklasa auf Transfermarkt mit ➤ Tabelle ➤ Ergebnissen ➤ Spielplan ➤ Liveticker ➤ Marktwerten ➤ Vereine ➤ Transfers ➤ Statistiken. Liga - Polen. Ekstraklasa / Aktuelle Meldungen, Termine und Ergebnisse, Tabelle, Mannschaften, Torjäger. Die Liga auf einen Blick. Zusammenfassung - Ekstraklasa - Polen - Ergebnisse, Spielpläne, Tabellen und News - Soccerway. Alle Spiele, Fußball-News, Ergebnisse, Tabellen, Liveticker und die Elf der Woche zur Ekstraklasa - Polen 20/21 - Kreis Internationaler Fußball - Region Profis. Polen. Ekstraklasa, / Match Ergebnisse; Tabellen. S Scorer T Trainer. No.

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Jetztz Bialystok SSA. Piast Gliwice. Pavol Stano. Cup Württemberg Relegation Bundesliga Relegation 2. Marcin Malinowski. Neben News, einer Spieltagsübersicht und der Torschützenliste bietet die Tabelle weitere Informationen. Christian Gytkjaer. MouГџe Deutsch Wilczek. Andrij Michailtschuk. Manchester United. Christian Gytkjaer. Zaglebie Lubin Oddset Regeln. MKS Pogon Szczecin. Hermes Neves Soares. Liga 2. Die letzten Transfers. Wisla Krakau. MKS Korona Kielce. Cup Sachsen-Anhalt Reg. Cup Thüringen Reg. Pogon Stettin. Inhalt Widgets Sky VerlГ¤ngerung Angebote. Manchester United. Gornik Zabrze - Warta Poznan. Pogon - Wisla Plock. Pogon - Cracovia Krakow. Pogon - Zaglebie Lubin. Wisla Krakow. Г¤ltester Torwart Der Welt Gdansk - Slask. Legia - Lechia Gdansk. Warta Poznan - Lech Poznan. Gornik Zabrze - Wisla Krakow. Lechia Beste Spielothek in Plosdorf finden - Cracovia Krakow.

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TYSKIE Mit Ekstraklasa nach Frankreich / Teil 1 Polen Ekstraklasa

Lechia Gdansk. Piast Gliwice. Cracovia Krakow. Cracovia Krakow - Warta Poznan. Slask - Stal Mielec. Wisla Plock - Zaglebie Lubin.

Pogon - Rakow. Piast Gliwice - Wisla Krakow. Legia - Podbeskidzie. Lech Poznan - Gornik Zabrze. Jagiellonia Bialystok - Lechia Gdansk.

Warta Poznan - Slask. Wisla Krakow - Lech Poznan. Stal Mielec - Legia. Rakow - Piast Gliwice. Podbeskidzie - Wisla Plock.

Lechia Gdansk - Cracovia Krakow. Zaglebie Lubin - Pogon. Gornik Zabrze - Jagiellonia Bialystok.

Pogon - Warta Poznan. Slask - Zaglebie Lubin. Wisla Plock - Lechia Gdansk. Piast Gliwice - Podbeskidzie. Legia - Wisla Krakow. Lech Poznan - Stal Mielec.

Jagiellonia Bialystok - Rakow. Cracovia Krakow - Gornik Zabrze. Warta Poznan - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Wisla Krakow - Cracovia Krakow.

Stal Mielec - Pogon. Rakow - Slask. Podbeskidzie - Lech Poznan. Lechia Gdansk - Legia. Zaglebie Lubin - Piast Gliwice.

Gornik Zabrze - Wisla Plock. Warta Poznan - Rakow. Slask - Podbeskidzie. Pogon - Gornik Zabrze. Piast Gliwice - Legia.

Lech Poznan - Lechia Gdansk. Zaglebie Lubin - Wisla Krakow. Jagiellonia Bialystok - Stal Mielec. Cracovia Krakow - Wisla Plock. Wisla Krakow - Warta Poznan.

Wisla Plock - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Stal Mielec - Zaglebie Lubin. Rakow - Lech Poznan. Podbeskidzie - Pogon.

Legia - Cracovia Krakow. Lechia Gdansk - Piast Gliwice. Gornik Zabrze - Slask. Warta Poznan - Stal Mielec. Slask - Lechia Gdansk. Wisla Krakow - Rakow.

Pogon - Wisla Plock. Piast Gliwice - Gornik Zabrze. Lech Poznan - Legia. Zaglebie Lubin - Podbeskidzie. Jagiellonia Bialystok - Cracovia Krakow.

Gornik Zabrze - Warta Poznan. Wisla Plock - Piast Gliwice. Stal Mielec - Rakow. Podbeskidzie - Wisla Krakow. Legia - Pogon. Lechia Gdansk - Zaglebie Lubin.

Jagiellonia Bialystok - Slask. Cracovia Krakow - Lech Poznan. Warta Poznan - Podbeskidzie. Slask - Wisla Plock. Wisla Krakow - Stal Mielec. Piast Gliwice - Cracovia Krakow.

Lech Poznan - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Zaglebie Lubin - Legia. Pogon - Lechia Gdansk. Rakow - Gornik Zabrze. Legia - Warta Poznan. Wisla Plock - Rakow.

Stal Mielec - Podbeskidzie. Lechia Gdansk - Wisla Krakow. Lech Poznan - Piast Gliwice. Jagiellonia Bialystok - Pogon.

Gornik Zabrze - Zaglebie Lubin. Cracovia Krakow - Slask. Warta Poznan - Wisla Plock. Slask - Legia.

Wisla Krakow - Gornik Zabrze. Rakow - Cracovia Krakow. Pogon - Lech Poznan. Podbeskidzie - Lechia Gdansk.

Zaglebie Lubin - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Piast Gliwice - Stal Mielec. Warta Poznan - Lech Poznan. Stal Mielec - Lechia Gdansk. Rakow - Podbeskidzie.

Jagiellonia Bialystok - Piast Gliwice. Gornik Zabrze - Legia. Cracovia Krakow - Zaglebie Lubin. Wisla Plock - Wisla Krakow.

Slask - Pogon. Piast Gliwice - Warta Poznan. Wisla Krakow - Pogon. Stal Mielec - Cracovia Krakow. Podbeskidzie - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Legia - Wisla Plock.

Lechia Gdansk - Gornik Zabrze. Lech Poznan - Slask. Zaglebie Lubin - Rakow. Warta Poznan - Zaglebie Lubin. Slask - Wisla Krakow. Cracovia Krakow - Podbeskidzie.

Wisla Plock - Lech Poznan. Rakow - Lechia Gdansk. Pogon - Piast Gliwice. Jagiellonia Bialystok - Legia. Gornik Zabrze - Stal Mielec.

Lechia Gdansk - Warta Poznan. Wisla Krakow - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Stal Mielec - Wisla Plock. Pogon - Cracovia Krakow. Podbeskidzie - Gornik Zabrze.

Piast Gliwice - Slask. Legia - Rakow. Lech Poznan - Zaglebie Lubin. Warta Poznan - Cracovia Krakow. Wisla Krakow - Piast Gliwice. Stal Mielec - Slask.

Rakow - Pogon. Podbeskidzie - Legia. Lechia Gdansk - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Zaglebie Lubin - Wisla Plock. Gornik Zabrze - Lech Poznan.

Slask - Warta Poznan. Wisla Plock - Podbeskidzie. Pogon - Zaglebie Lubin. Piast Gliwice - Rakow. Legia - Stal Mielec. Lech Poznan - Wisla Krakow. Jagiellonia Bialystok - Gornik Zabrze.

Cracovia Krakow - Lechia Gdansk. Warta Poznan - Pogon. Wisla Krakow - Legia. Stal Mielec - Lech Poznan. Rakow - Jagiellonia Bialystok. Podbeskidzie - Piast Gliwice.

It was due to his efforts that in September , Cracovia toured Spain, drawing 1—1 with Barcelona and losing 0—1 to Real Madrid.

Games of the first championships started on 3 April All major teams except for Cracovia took part in it. This is the list of the teams in the order they finished in November :.

FC Katowice. This rivalry was treated very seriously, not only by the two sides involved, but also by the whole nation. Some time in the fall of in Katowice, an ill-fated game between 1.

Stakes were very high — the winner would become the champion. In Cracovia finally decided to enter the league, which was gladly accepted by all fans of football.

This was also the last year of 1. FC's glory. The team finished fifth, to be relegated forever at the end of season. As a result of the decision, Warta with 33 points became the champion, Garbarnia finished second with 32 points and Klub Turystow was relegated.

The champion, Garbarnia, was unique as this was the first time that the league had been won by a side whose all players had been bought from other teams.

The point of gravity slowly moved towards west — to Polish part of Upper Silesia, which had belonged to Poland since see: Silesian Uprisings.

Ruch, with such excellent players as Teodor Peterek , Ernest Wilimowski and Gerard Wodarz was by far the best team in those years.

For example, in it finished seven points ahead of second Cracovia. In and there were 12 teams in the League. In this number was cut to 11 and in — to Football officials did it on purpose — with fewer teams, the competition was supposed to be harder, which would attract fans to the stadiums.

In late the league held its games in the spring-summer-fall system fans were shocked to find that Cracovia, the legend of this sport, was relegated to the A-class.

In Ruch's streak of four consecutive champions was broken by Cracovia , and in the championships were not finished. By 31 August , after some 12 games, Ruch was the leader of the team League.

Last games of this summer occurred on 20 August. Then, a break was planned, because the National Team was going to play a few international friendlies.

Games were to be re-introduced on 10 September. This is the list of the ten teams that participated in last, historic games for championships of interwar Poland.

Teams are presented according to their position on the table, as of 31 August As a result of the Second World War, the borders of Poland changed significantly.

There are 16 clubs in the Ekstraklasa. During the course of the season each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 30 games games in the season.

From the —14 season onward after 30th round league will be split into 'champion' top eight teams and 'relegation' bottom eight teams groups.

Each team plays seven more games teams ranked 1—4 and 9—12 play four times at home. The —17 season was last when teams started an extra round with half the points rounded up achieved during the first phase of 30 matches.

The changes extend the season to total of matches played. Abandoned due to the outbreak of World War II. The following table lists the league champions by the Polish voivodeship regions current, valid since After 10 Polish Championship titles a representative golden star is placed above the team's badge to indicate 10 Polish Championship titles.

The all-time league table consists off all the teams that once participated in the Ekstraklasa. Data from the — —17 seasons.

Bold - indicates teams currently playing in the Ekstraklasa —21 season. An equal number of points on the basis of their goal difference, then greater number of goals scored.

In seasons — —95 for a win awarded 2 points and 1 point for a draw. In seasons —87 — —90 for win at least three goals difference additionally awarded 1 point, while a losses at least 3 goals difference subtracted one point.

Since the season —96 for win gives 3 points and 1 point for a draw. Included additional qualification games between both teams and league championship and remain in the league including 11 games in , —87 , —88 , —89 and was not included in the table play-off for the right to play in the league between teams of different class divisions.

Included matches with unfinished season. The following data indicates Polish coefficient rankings between European football leagues.

From —20 Telewizja Polska has the rights to air live 1 games per week on a non-scrambled channel. Central Junior League Poland.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of Polish football champions. Source: Klub Bold denotes players still playing in the Ekstraklasa.

See also: UEFA coefficient. Legia Warsaw Arka Gdynia 3. Main article: List of Ekstraklasa broadcasters.

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